It's the shoes, stupid
by John

As young boys, mothers always preached the value of wearing clean underwear and clean socks. Was she really sparing herself the embarassment of you having day old skid marks in your shorts as you laid unconscious in ER? Not entirely, but it was her way of preparing you to grow up.

As you hit your teens, it became about shaving, brushing your hair, brushing your teeth, and deodorant. Was she being completely honest about embarassing yourself at school or you embarassing her at the grocery store? As you went held long into adulthood, she preached the value of shoes. "Any young lady is going to be able to tell a lot about you just by looking at your shoes". Now, did dear ol' Mom mean that messy shoes meant a messy man...or a...shall we say...bigger lesson that Mom wanted to impart? So, your Ma probably didn't have this talk? Well, she probably wasn't too keen on letting you in on one of her secrets--Mom, at her core, is a chick. Having said that, I'll leave that alone--but TRUST me, the shoes mean a lot.

I have a friend who's lucky enough to work in the same building as a major modeling firm--and I'm not talking about the bullshit Glamour Shots at the mall, I'm talking a major, international firm. He's on the elevator everyday with unreal chicks he never has a shot at--but you know what he always notices? They ALL look at his shoes.

I'm telling you dudes--you got good shoes, you got a good shot.



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